English Tutoring FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about our English Tutoring Services

Q. Can my job prospects be improved by developing my use of English?
A. Better spoken and written skills will impact on your ability to get yourself noticed and will provide a strong foundation to build upon, as you enter your desired workplace. Having the ability to phrase your thoughts in different ways and express yourself in a formal manner will always get you noticed.
Q. What can I do to improve my English GCSE grades?
A. By reading and analysing text (fiction and non-fictional material) to understand the message the author is making will help greatly, as will forming and expressing opinions on everyday activities and experiences.
Q. Will my dyslexia stop me from achieving better grades?
A. No, there is always support and facilities to help you complete your work, whether this is: typing your assignments; completing work under examination conditions; creating stories to aid memory recall; or using electronic readers or specific coloured screen filters. Techniques can be developed on an individual basis to make a personal difference.
Q. Which days and times do you offer English tuition?
A. Monday to Friday, and can offer English tuition during the day, after school, and on evenings until 8pm.
Q. Which regional areas do your English tutoring services cover?
A. Based in Arnside and offering face-to-face English sessions in Arnside.
Q. Do you offer online English tuition?
A. Yes, online English tuition using Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp.
Q. How much do you charge for an English tutoring session?
A. There are no agency fees to pay, English tuition rates start from £28 an hour. Payment for the first lesson is made after the lesson has taken place, thereafter, further lessons are booked and paid for in advance, in blocks of four. This is to enable you to keep a regular weekly slot and to plan around your family, school and holiday commitments.
Q. What happens if I need to cancel an English lesson?
A. If you need to cancel a pre-booked English session, 48 hours’ notice is required where 50% of the lesson rate will be retained (the residual lesson balance will be returned to you or used as part payment, whichever you prefer); where cancellation takes place less than 48 hours of the pre-booked lesson the full lesson charge will be retained.